Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment to come in?
Workforce Services is available to the public by phone or email at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where do I start?
You will need to call 760-924-1770 to request a WIOA orientation to be completed by phone.

How do I become eligible for your services?
Workforce Services resources for job search and career research is free of charge and open to all on a universal basis. Most products and services are self-directed and easy to use. “How-To Sessions” are given on a one on one basis to provide helpful direction in numerous job search and career areas. Eligibility for possible intensive and training services is based on income and employment status. Potential intensive/training services are assessed by an individual’s marketable skills, labor market, and “long term” employment opportunities.

Can you assist me in changing my career path in order to obtain a different type of work?
The primary goal of Workforce Services is to assist you in getting employment. While we do provide training these services are provided under limited circumstances. Instead, our business focuses on job search assistance, assessment, coaching and counseling.

Can I skip Core and Intensive Services and go directly to Training Services?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. Each individual must complete the specified requirements and meet with case manager prior to enrollment in any type of training course. This is to ensure that each individual has exhausted every avenue of job search resources prior to receiving training.

How long will it take to transition from Core Services to Intensive Services?
This is dependent upon each individual’s situation.

What types of schools are used for training?
Primarily vocational schools are used for training i.e.: computer related schools (hardware, software, networking); truck driving; and clerical programs. In some cases public education, ROP’s and other institutions may be used. Schools must be listed on the California Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL).

How long does training last?
Length of training is determined by vocation.

Can I attend a school outside of our area (county, state..)?
Yes, we can sponsor individuals for training outside of our area as long as the school is listed on the EPTL list.

What is CalJOBS?
CalJOBS is California’s Internet system for linking employers’ job listings with job seekers’ resumes for jobs throughout California.

Why am I required to provide identification or “right to work” documents in order to receive CalJOBS and Workforce Intensive Services and Training Services?
Since providing right-to-work documents is a state mandate law we must also adhere to this law in order to provide you with this assistance.

Where can I find wage and benefit information?
Labor Market Information

Do you have information about different occupations?
Labor Market Information