Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC)

About us:  The Mono County Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) was established in November, 2001.  The rural and isolated characteristics of Mono County significantly influence the availability of child abuse prevention services and resources. The goal of the CAPC is to look at local needs regarding child abuse and neglect prevention, to hear updates on programs that are funded by OCAP and other agency updates as they relate to family strengthening.  As such, the Mono County CAPC identified four areas of need to allocate child abuse prevention grant funds. 

    * Promotion of Personal Safety and Interpersonal Respect
    * Community Development to Remedy the Isolation of Families
    * Parent Education and Support
    * Individualized and Flexible Parent Coaching

The Mono County Department of Social Services has contracted with First 5 Mono County and the Mono County Office of Education. 

Mission Statement:  Mono County CAPC is dedicated to supporting activities, resources and programs that encourage safe, healthy and resilient families.



  1. DonnaLisa Knowles - Chair: Parent/Community Member, Realtor
  2. Kelly Conboy - Vice-Chair: Program Manager, Inyo Mono Advocates for Community Action, Inc.
  3. Molly DesBaillets - Executive Director, First 5, Mono County
  4. Michelle Raust - Program Manager, Mono County Department of Social Services, Child Welfare, Adult Protection and IHSS
  5. Jazmin Barkley - Juvenile Probation Officer, Mono County Probation Department
  6. Jacinda Croissant - MCAH Director, Mono County Health Department
  7. Barbara Keller - Wild Iris/ CASA
  8. Adriana Niculescu - Mono County Behavioral Health 
  9. Vacant

Please call our 24 hour Hotline to report suspected child or adult abuse at

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