District Attorney



The Mono County Office of the District Attorney promotes and protects the public peace and safety of Mono County, California.

Our office strives to:
  • Vindicate the rights of crime victims, witnesses, and persons accused of crime;
  • Seek and achieve impartial justice;
  • Ensure that the guilty are punished and the innocent freed;
  • Safeguard the rule of law; and
  • Treat all persons involved in the criminal justice system with fairness, dignity and respect.

We perform a critical role as we provide prosecution services to our community. We collaborate with every component of the criminal justice system as well as the entire community. We strive to earn and hold the trust and confidence of our community by performing our jobs at the very highest level of professionalism. We serve our community with integrity, compassion, and mutual respect by using the highest ethical standards and keeping open lines of communication with members of the public and employees. We attempt to minimize the impact of the criminal justice system upon the lives of victims, witnesses and their families by helping them to overcome the effects of crime. We encourage an environment that is positive, supportive and courteous.

Dave Anderson


District Attorney David Anderson is the elected public prosecutor for Mono County.  The District Attorney has the primary mandated responsibility to investigate, evaluate, and prosecute criminal violations that occur within Mono County.  In addition, the District Attorney advises the Grand Jury and assists law enforcement in conducting criminal investigations. 

While the District Attorney’s Office does have the ability to initiate certain criminal investigations, generally the office receives investigations from law enforcement agencies within the County in the form of police reports and other types of evidence.  A prosecutor within the office reviews the case and decides whether to file the matter with the Mono County Superior Court.  In many cases, sworn peace officers who work in the District Attorney’s Office as investigators conduct further investigation into the case to assist in determining whether there is substantial evidence to pursue a criminal filing.  In other instances, a case may be sent back to the referring law enforcement agency for additional follow-up to be re-submitted once completed.

The office is comprised of the District Attorney, the Assistant District Attorney, two Deputy District Attorneys, the Chief Investigator and his/her investigators, a Victim/Witness Coordinator, and his/her victim advocates.  As a small office, all attorneys, including the District Attorney, have a caseload and appear in court.  The assigned attorney handles all aspects of a case through the court system, from the filing of a case through sentencing.  Criminal cases are filed in both the Mammoth Lakes and Bridgeport branches of the Mono County Superior Court and are assigned based on geographic location of where the crime occurred.