SB1 Road Improvement Projects

2018 Mono County Fog Seal & Striping Project Location Map

2018 Mono County Fog Seal and Striping Project (Phase 1)

This project was implemented using funding from Senate Bill No.1 (SB1). As required by SB1, your gas tax dollars are being used for preservation and maintenance of our local roadways. Completion of this project will extend the lifespan of existing roadways within the county. For specific project locations click on map at right. 

Most roads within Mono County experience premature deterioration due to high altitude sun exposure. To extend the life of aged oxidized roadways, a spray application of an asphalt emulsion is used. This is more commonly called a Fog Seal. Fog seal applications serve to seal narrow cracks and help to preserve the underlying road pavement. Specific Phase 1 roads that were fog sealed and striped include the following;  

Bridgeport: Aurora Canyon Rd, Bridge St, Cameron Dr, Day Lane, Emigrant St, Hayes St, Jack Sawyer Rd, Kingsley St, Kirkwood St, School St, Sierra View Dr, Sinclair St, Stock Dr.

Chalfant: Browns Subdivision Rd, Buena Vista Dr, Chalfant Rd, Chase Ave, Chidago Way, Coldwater Rd, Coyote Rd, Hunter Ave, Lisa Lane, Locust St, Mary Lane, Mountain View Ave, Osage Circle, Piute Lane, Ponderosa St, Ronda Lane, Sacramento St, Sequoia St, Tenaya Dr, Valley Rd, Virginia Ave, White Mtn Dr, White Mtn. Est. Rd.

June Lake: Alderman St, Aspen Rd, Big Rock Rd, Brenner St, Bruce St, Crawford Ave, Community Center Parking, Dream Mountain Dr, Forrest Rd, Foster Ave, Granite Ave, Gull Lake Rd, Gull Lake Park Parking, Howard Ave, Knoll Ave, Lakeview Dr, Lyle Terrace Rd.

Lee Vining: 1st St, 2nd St, 3rd St, 4th St, D St, Lee Vining Ave, Mattly Ave, Mono Lake Ave, Paoha Dr, Yosemite Dr.

Paradise: Alison Lane, Dear Peak Trail, Dennis Way, Eagle Vista, Paradise Point, Scott Rd, Sherwin Trail, Summit Rd, Westridge Rd.

Rimrock Zone of Benefit: Cougar Run, Ridgeview, Sierra Wave.

Swall Meadows: Mountain View Dr, Orchard Rd, Pine Dr, Pinion Dr, Quail Circle, Rimrock Dr, Sky Meadows, Swall Meadows Rd, Valley View Rd, Willow Rd, Wilson Rd.

2019 Mono County Fog Seal and Striping Project (Phase 2)
Phase 2 roads include Rock Creek Road, and Convict Lake Road.

2019 Hackney Drive & Shop Road full-depth Rehabilitation Project - in the community of Walker

2019 Mono City Streets Slurry Seal and road striping Project

2019 Benton Crossing Road Slurry Seal and road striping Project (Phase 1)- on the portion of roadway from Hwy. 395 to the Benton Crossing Land Fill Facility.

For specific information on SB1, please go to the California Transportation Commission's SB1 web page.

Please note: this Web page will be updated periodically. More content to be added in early 2019 on additional SB1 funded projects as set forth in Mono County's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).